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Magenta is a full service Advertising Agency founded recently in Egypt yet supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience brought together by its team and founders making Magenta the local creative house that speaks the language and understands the market and its uniqueness.


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Magenta provides clients with results-focused, full service advertising agency solutions. With in-house resources and both online and offline marketing expertise, we are able to deliver creative promotions and advertising services at highly competitive rates. Unlike a traditional advertising agency, Magenta has the capacity to develop, produce and deploy fully integrated marketing services with both online and offline components.


Magenta Advertising Agency

Do you know that Magenta name is not just a print color " CMYK" !! Magenta is a beautiful city in Italy where our Founder lived and studied Graphic arts. He has ben Influenced by that culture and decided to transfer this culture to Egypt. Then our story is began .. Year 1859 there was a war between the French and the Kingdom of Sardinia against the Austrian Empire in the city of magenta, the city was famous for its type of dyes named Fuchsia, After the French victory and for other marketing reasons they changed the name of these dyes from Fuchsia to Magenta. On 2004 there was a creative group of youth whom founded magenta company which based on the cooperation the loving recipe among them . Magenta is an advertising agency which is smart, creative, and innovative to provide top quality of advertising service to reach our customers aim and let them the most special ones in Egypt and International market